5 Important Qualities of Good Cheap Stock Footage

video cameraIn many ways, cheap stock footage is an opportunity for film makers and low-budget creatives. It is affordable and immediately available in the stock media market. While shooting your own video is great, it can be equally as important to make use of stock footage. It helps you save time and money on travels, equipment and talent. If you forget to take a shot on a certain scene or if the weather does not permit you to go on location, you easily purchase and download stock video.c

The Internet is filled with numerous stock media agencies. You can sign up to one or more, as long as they help you find what you are looking for. The most popular video stock sites include iStock and Shutterstock. If you are looking for unique footage with spirit, you can check out Getty Images. Wherever you get your video clips, just make sure that they possess the qualities of a good cheap stock footage which includes:

  • Flexible Content. Generally, cheap stock footage should be highly flexible so you can use it in different ways. Think about the ways you can use it if you buy it to get value for your money.
  • You do not want a footage with an over-exposed subject. Look for a stock video with just the right amount of highlights to focus on a subject.
  • White Balance. The footage should have the proper balance point. It should be neutral and white, so you can color correct in easily and fit it into other videos.
  • Sufficient lighting is important when it comes to choosing good cheap stock footage. It should not have too much noise so you can edit it further.
  • Choose a stock video with the highest quality format and resolution possible. It allows you to use the videos in various ways.

When it comes to cheap stock footage, you will have a lot of choices. There are millions of them offered in various stock media sites. It is important that you find the best fit for your video production. So, keep in mind the above 5 qualities that will help you make an awesome project. Aside from these, you should also consider your creative needs and budget. Stock footage is meant to help you save time and money, and not the other way around. Make sure you get what it promises.

Do not just purchase and download the first cheap stock video you see on your search page results. We recommend you check out other footage, collect them and choose whichever fits your needs best. This way, you will not regret buying a footage you cannot use in the future. What are you waiting for? Visit your favorite stock media site and see if they offer awesome stock footage.